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Dr. Jeffrey Hayden

The Best Way to Deal with Work Injury Pain with a Chiropractor in Knox County

Date: September 13, 2017 | Time: 9:47pm

Work injury pain can severely limit mobility and flexibility. In fact, slips and falls are some of the most common causes of back injuries and traction. However, your chiropractor can truly help any patient deal and overcome work-related injuries and pain. With years of extensive chiropractic experience, local back doctors are committed to excellence in all pain management and remediation services.

As part of any work injury pain checkup, chiropractors will perform detailed scans and imaging. This allows them to pinpoint and address the exact areas in distress. Similarly, they can help patients secure immediate solace and relief through pain relievers. However, weekly rehab sessions and therapeutic massages will certainly be needed to restore proper functionality and mobility over time.

From slips and falls to wrenched backs, chiropractors tackle all types of personal and work-related injuries. Even the slightest mishap can result in upper cervical pain, along with lower back distress and much more. This is why it is important to see your chiropractor at once if you have sustained work injuries. Not only can they help you feel better, but a qualified chiropractor can also assist you in your legal claims with detailed medical reports and analyses.

Work-related injuries can also result in whiplash. This can make it difficult to move the head and neck normally, and requires immediate chiropractic assistance. Local doctors help patients with traditional pain relievers, along with therapeutic massages and even weekly rehab sessions. Some patients may also need to wear support braces, which help soothe aching muscles and restores normal mobility as well.

For more information on dealing with work injuries, simply contact your local chiropractor today. Most accept a wide range of insurance plans and are always committed to helping you regain your mobility and life.

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Finding The Path To Auto Accident Injury Relief from a Chiropractor in Knox County

Date: September 6, 2017 | Time: 9:45pm

The pain after an auto accident is often relentless. You may find yourself unable to perform your former type of work or you may have had to stop doing things that you love such as hiking or running. Unfortunately, injuries sustained during an auto accident can leave lingering pain, especially when they affect your neck or back.

In fact, the forces generated during a collision can impact your spine in ways that causes pain to move throughout your entire body. While recovering physically and emotionally from an accident takes time, working with a chiropractor is an important way to begin finding auto accident relief.

Chiropractors understand the complicated way that your spine, nerves and muscles all work together. They can often identify the source of your pain that may be located far away from where you think it began. This is because your nerves are connected, and a problem in one spot such as your lower back can send pain signals traveling all the way down your leg.

Identifying the source of your pain is the first step toward helping you find relief. The next step is to work with your chiropractor to create a plan that helps you find auto accident relief and start feeling better.

There are multiple methods that a chiropractor might recommend for easing your pain. For instance, they will check you over for injuries and make recommendations for work and other activities that help you prevent hurting it worse. These may include strategies such as being careful how much weight you lift at a time, or it may provide you with guidelines for safe stretches to do if you work at a desk.

Experiencing an auto accident that generates lingering pain often means that you will need to make lifestyle changes that help you recuperate your former abilities. You may work on weight management or learn how to do simple exercises each day that improve the way that your muscles and spine work together. Adjustments and special massage techniques can also be used to help you move beyond the pain to find auto accident relief and begin to enjoy your life again.

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Finding The Source of Your Work Injury Pain with a Chiropractor in Knox County

Date: August 27, 2017 | Time: 9:40pm

The pain involved with a work injury goes more than just skin deep. After getting hurt at work, it is common to feel frustrated when you simply cannot figure out exactly how to make it feel better. Unfortunately, many injuries that occur at work are more serious than they first appear, and it can take some time before you find relief. This is why a visit to your chiropractor is often the first step toward figuring out why your work injury pain just doesn't seem to go away no matter what you try.

One of the reasons why it can be so hard to find the source of pain is because of the way that the nerves, muscles and ligaments all work together in your body. While you may be able to point the fact that the pain occurs in your leg, the truth is that the primary source of the pain could originate all the way in your neck or back. This is because many of your nerve endings extend from your spine down your legs and up your neck.

In addition to the way your nerves work, inflammation also impacts your pain sensations. For instance, inflamed ligaments in your spinal area can press on to other parts of your body and generate pain. Often, addressing the inflammation helps you begin to notice where the pain is originating from.

A chiropractor spends time during your first consultation asking about how the injury occurred and any symptoms that you noticed at first so that they can gain a better picture of what led up to the injury. Then, they spend time doing a physical exam and conducting checks to find out if there is an obvious injury. Once they have an understanding of how your work injury contributes to your pain, they can then talk to you about options regarding how to help you reduce the discomfort.

The body is a complex network of systems that all work together to keep you feeling good. When one area sustains an injury, it is common for pain to travel to different areas. Tracking down the source of your pain is an important part of getting back on your feet after a major work injury.

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